Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 18 - The Bird Man and a Study Guide for 1st Nephi.

Dear Family,

This past week has been great. We were able to finally volunteer with  Brian the Bird Man, that was pretty exciting. We set up a appointment with him and went to his house on Wednesday. When we showed up he was no where to be seen but his front door was open so after trying to call him a couple of times we just awkwardly walked in, the birds made sure to welcome us both in extremely loud screeches and words. We were exactly on time so we just kind of stood there. Eventually we called him and he answered and told us to start cleaning the floor. We ended up spending our morning cleaning up bird poop off of the tile floor. It was pretty fun, all of the birds were just a talking while we were there. I got a few great pictures that I will share next week, since the computer I am on right now cannot handle pictures. We had interviews(interrogations) with president this week that was great to have a little one on one time with president. He is pretty much one of the nicest people I know. 
We had a appointment with one of our investigators this week. He is the one who is a retired AP English teacher, he is currently reading the Book of Mormon right now and just loving it. We do service with him every week so this past Thursday after doing service we sat down to discuss his reading. He hands us each a study guide he typed out on what he has read so far in 1st Nephi. He had just finished 1st Nephi then decided to reread it to get the deeper message. On the study sheet it, he had observations and also some common themes that he was seeing as he read. After some discussion we asked if he would pray to find out the truthfulness of the message for himself. He then told us he didn't need to, he believed that it was the word of god and that the Mormon church is one of the true churches upon the earth today. So our goal for our next visit is to help him understand that there is only one Church upon this earth that Christ set up. Wish me luck. We just got done playing volleyball this morning as a goodbye activity to an elder in our district who is getting sent home due to some back problems. Hopefully he will be able to get the problem fixed and get sent back out. That was all of my adventures this past week so yeah, HAVE A EXTRAORDINARY WEEK!
Elder Datwyler

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