Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 15- 100 Trees and a New Companion.

September 4th, 2013

Happy Labor day on Monday. You get to have this email 2 days late due to labor day causing all of the libraries to close down for the day. We did not do anything exciting on labor day except for rest during the day and then some visits that night but you are not going to hear any complaints out of me, I really enjoyed the rest. The next activity our ward is going to be having is a stake wide day of service all of the wards are doing some sort of service to the community that day. Our ward decided to plant 100 trees in the Damascus area because apparently there are not enough as it already is. Last Wednesday I got a new companion, his name is Elder Urses and he is from Sandy Utah, he was MTC companions with Elder Steed. He is a great missionary. We spend the last half of week introducing him to the members, less actives, and investigators. We also got to participate in a lot of service. We helped dig a hole through rockier than rocky soil to plant a few trees. We helped move a family out of the ward, we helped the previous stake president with his 25 foot expandable ladder so he could reach the top of his 50 foot pine trees to hang some Christmas lights in his front yard. We helped him position the ladder on the trees, he had to get a early start on them because his wife was out of town at the time and he had to get the risky stuff done quick.  We also got to help a ward members cut some tree limbs down and helped another one with their bushes in the front of their house. Miles wise this last month we could not have cut it closer. We came within 6 miles of going over the monthly allotment of miles, that last day was pretty scary.  We would have been fine except the day of transfers we ended up having to go 100 miles and the miles it took to get to transfers were not reimbursed. This past Sunday we were able to have 1 investigator at church, along with 2 less actives so we were excited about that. We have the potential to get 2 more less actives to come to Church this next week, they have both been talking about it. That was my week, not too shabby if I do say so myself. I apologize for the lack of pictures I will try extra hard this week to take some.

Have a Great Week!, I love you all!
Elder Datwyler

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