Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 14 - Damascus For Another 6 Weeks

Dear Family,
This past week has been great. All of hard work in the ward is really starting make a difference and we are starting to see some huge differences. We currently have 5 investigators, 2 are considered progressing.  Last night we got call outs so that was very stressful. We found out that elder Steed is the only one leaving out our district. He is going to Brooklyn Park, Annapolis as a Zone Leader, in a tri companship training one elder. So that's crazy, I going to be in Damascus for another 6 weeks. Transfer meeting is on Wednesday and we have to take our car in for retirement so that is going to be interesting to see if we get a new car. We got to do a Church tour this week with one of our investigators, it went great. She is the investigator who's boy friend is a less active so if we can get her to come back to church we can also get him. They committed to come to Church this week so keep your fingers crossed. We got to talk to some crazy guy yesterday who stopped us and asked if we believe in Allah, we told him yes, we believe in God and then he came over a talked to us. One of his first questions was about polygamy we got that addressed and then he started talking about how there used to be 17 foot tall people walking the earth called Almacs and how they served the Pharaoh and how Jesus walked the earth when all of the continents were together. We taught him the Restoration and then he started going off on how the Illuminati, it was a fun conversation and he thanked us for talking with him and he went on his way. It is crazy to find out what some people believe.  I got to go on exchanges to Urbana this past week, they went great. Other than that there is not a whole lot to mention.
Elder Datwyler

I was lame this week and didn't take any pictures, I will make sure I get some good ones this week for next week.

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