Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 13 - The Nicest Non-Members I Have Met so Far.

Hi Family,
This past week has been awesome. We started off the week kind of slow but it ended up being a great week. On Tuesday, we were clear in the corner of our ward boundaries and we were ahead of schedule and we were in the sisters area so we gave them a call and asked  if there is anyone that they wanted us to visit. They gave us a name and we went over to their house and knocked on the door. An older lady answered the door and she asked if we would like to sit down and have a drink of water until her husband got home, then we could talk to him. We agreed and sat down out in her back yard around their table. She asked what our favorite scripture was so I shared Helamon 5:12 about having a strong foundation in Christ. Her husband arrived and they told us that we were the 8th pair of missionaries to visit them and that they love missionaries and what we do. They are devote Methodists. They are big fans of the 4H organization and so Elder Steed talked to them about that for a while and then they offered to take us out to get pizza so we did that and then afterward they took us on a tour of their neighbors cow operation. They are the nicest non members that I have meet so far. Since they are on the sisters side we had to hand them over to the sisters but hey whatever works.
On Friday we attended the Baltimore Orioles game. The mission bought tickets for all of the missionaries to attend. It was awesome. It was the Baltimore Orioles VS. Colorado Grizzlies. The Grizzlies won 6-3 but it was awesome to finally get to see the city of Baltimore. It is huge and full of all sorts of skyscrapers and a ton of people. We were able to visit some less actives we have not been able to see and the work is really starting to pick up.  Transfers are coming up on next Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what happens to me.
Love Ya!
Elder Datwyler

Some random ship at inner harbor, we visited it before the game started.

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