Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 12 - A New Investigator and a House Full of Tropical Birds

Hi Family,
This past week has been pretty exciting. We started it off by following up on a referral that the sisters gave us. His name was Brian, when we knocked on the door a little man opened and welcomed us in. We stepped in and and immediately were over come by loud screeches coming from maybe 30 birds in the main living room. They were all very brightly colored tropical birds. Apparently we had just stepped into a tropical bird refuge run by Brian "the bird man" The guy that let us in gave us a  tour of the place. In the back room there were even more birds and then in the garage, they kept all of their big big birds. None of the birds were small, the smallest was probably like 8 inches tall. The guy that runs it let us take a walnut and crack it and then we got to feed it to a bird. As soon as we had the nut in our hands all of the birds would focus in on us. They all wanted some so I did my best to make sure all of them got a piece. It was very exciting, they are low on volunteers right now so they said that we could volunteer for a day sometime. I did not get any pictures but next time I will. We asked how many birds he had and he said around 60, he had lost track a while ago.  We did exchanges with another set of elders this week. And I was paired with an elder who cannot drive so we biked most the day and then at night we were able to get a ride during elders quorum team-ups. We found a new investigator this week through a headquarters referral, meaning that she referred herself online. After her inactive brother became active again she really saw a difference in him and saw a light about him and she wants that light. We had a zone leader come and do team ups with us for 48 hours so that was fun. We were able to meet with quite a few less actives this week and are really starting to build up some relationships so we are getting closer to reactivating them. Over all the wards missionary effort is really speeding up and I am excited for anther missionary work filled week.
Have a fantastic week!
Elder Datwyler

Weird Spider Thing

Random Picture of a road in the forest

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