Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 9- Humiditiy and The Brigham Young Investigator

Dear Everybody,
Humidity is lame, It has been in the nineties to lower one hundreds this week and I have been melting like a candle. I just got a haircut so we will see if we can slow the melting process a little bit. In this past week we were able to find 3 new investigators so that has been exciting, we finally have someone to teach.  Two of them are drinking buddies so that was interesting. We had met one of them before and he was super friendly and told us to come back so we caught him outside late at night and started talking and taught him the restoration lesson and then his buddy from upstairs came down, he was wasted but we talked to him anyways drunk people are pretty ridiculous, at first he was kind or weary of us but them after talking to him he invited us to come back some time. Our other investigator is a Brigham Young investigator (meaning he has been taught over a long period of time). At missionary correlation meeting we learned that is particular investigator has had over 30 baptismal dates over the past 15 years. He is 40 years old and lives at home with his mom who is a less active. Don't they say the 31st try is the charm.  We have done a lot of service this week including planting a tree and bushes and also transplanting and caging tomato plants. We cut some branches down and helped lift some moving boxes. On Thursday we had 3 meals given to us because of some scheduling mess up, we went to a pizza restaurant at lunch, then to another pizza restaurant at dinner and then Chinese take out for our second dinner. I feel fat for some reason, so I have been working out extra hard.  I have not had to ride my bike recently because we have enough miles for the rest of the month. Any day now I am going to receive my TIWI card which will allow me to drive :) TIWI is a little computer device that hangs on the windshield that tracks and disciplines us to going contrary to its programming. It keeps an eye on how fast you are going and if you go to fast it says "CHECK YOUR SPEED" in a robot voice, it is pretty funny and if you do anything too serious you get a violation and it reports it to the senior elder who is in charge of the cars.  This past week we have been quite successful lesson wise, we were able to have 24 lessons this week with less actives, actives, and investigators. The previous week we had 16 so we are improving slowly but surely.  Today we had a zone activity where we made our own T-Shirts that had the name of our zone and then everyone's signatures it was quite fun. In the email from the mission president he said that when they first came in last July there were 114 missionaries and by next transfer at the end of August, there will be over 270. The work is hastening...
Have a Great Week  
Elder Datwyler

Here is the photo of my last district

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