Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 7- The 4th of July

Dear Family,
This last week has been pretty interesting, we have been doing a lot of talking to people on the street with some success. We are still doing a lot of service for the members and it is starting to pay off, they are starting to give us referrals. In elders quorum we had to give a lesson on a fire side talk called "The Missionary Next Door" It is  about a family that put missionary work into the center of their lives and incorporated it into thier childrens lives, it has some great ideas on strategies to get your kid's friends interested and asking questions.
We met one less active family this week from the Congo, they are an older couple that had a interesting conversion story. After they had first moved to the the United States their son had came into contact with missionaries and decided to meet with them the next week. The day of the planned meeting the son that had arranged the meeting died suddenly and when the missionaries came over later that day they found out he had died and the missionaries ended up helping the family as they went through the hard time and eventually the family was all converted. The second time they we went over there, Sis Kwiztuka instructed us to call her mama Kwiztuka because we are not her sister since she is older than us and that is how they do it in Congo. She said in the Congo if you don't call a older adult mama or papa you get slapped, needless to say we now call them mama and papa Kwiztuka. They invited this week to come over and try some real African food so that should be exciting. 
On the fourth of July all the missionaries in our Stake all helped out at a big fourth of July party that the 1st counselor in the state presidency had on his ranch. It was a breakfest pot luck sort of thing and they had a nice program which included our mission president speaking to us and also some general in the army. We helped out by directing the cars to where they should park in the nearby fields. After that we returned home and immeditly went to a family in the wards house for a barbaque. After that we spent the rest of the day just like any other day, trying to visit potentials, less actives and members. Surprisingly not a lot of people were home for some strange reason... but we got a couple of good visits in. I did not see any fireworks at all which was pretty lame but whatever.
I went on splits with the district leader Friday night to Saturday evening. We did the exchange at 8 and then went to their apartment which wasreally a new town house that has 3 bed rooms, 4 bathrooms on 3 stories. It was crazy how nice it was but any way I spent that Saturday doing service, and visiting some of their potentials and investigators. The sad thing is that all of their investigators are all moving to different states soon. After we finish our stuff that needs to happen like shopping, cleaning, and emailing today, we are going fishing at a members house in the mt. Airy ward in their backyard pond which they stock with fish so wish me luck!
Elder Spencer Datwyler

To keep with the theme of animals every week, here is a photo of the frog that lives in our bedroom window well that jumps and hits the window everynight trying to get the slugs crawling up it. We caught it just to assert our dominence and then we released it back into the window well.

Here is a picture of from left to right, Elder Steed, Elder Datwyler, Sister Crossly, Sister Montez. All the missionaries in the Damascus Ward in front of the Chapel.

End note from Spencer: Any words spelled wrong are going to be blammed on the computer not me so there since I cannot for the life of me find the dumb spell check button.

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