Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 10 - 4 New Investigators and the Rattle Snake's Tail

Dear Family,
This last week has been pretty exciting. We were able to find 4 new investigators. The work in Damascus is really starting to heat up and the members are starting to really get involved in the missionary work. We started out the week week by doing some service with a members non member husband. They were just married and she made sure that he read the Book of Mormon before they were married as a requirement. He read it and then on Tuesday, he told us that he has been fasting for the past 4 days trying to find out if the church was for him and he received the answer of yes, it was. He now wants to the know the soonest he can be baptized so we taught the first lesson then and there. Also while teaching a less active member, his girlfriend and son walked in and we taught a lesson to all of them and the girlfriend decided she wants to know more so we set up a appointment for Wednesday, so we will see how that goes.
One thing that I did that was exciting this week was getting to help out in detaching a rattle from a rattle snakes tail. They had killed the snake at girls camp and had just cut the tail off. They threw it in a bag and then put in a freezer. When the member showed us the frozen tail, elder Steed chickened out so I said that I would do it. It smelt horrible and rotten but after letting  it thaw in the sun for a minute, it became warmed up enough that I could cut off the majority of the meat and then dig the rest out of the tail. The member fed us dinner for doing that task for them so that was good.
Spiritual thought of the day comes from Alma 13:24. Angels are preparing the hearts of many to hear the gospel and it could be anyone around you. Your job is to to find them.
Elder Datwyler

 Here is elder Steed, Datwyler, Gunderson. Elder Gunderson is the AP that has been with us this past week. He is an awesome missionary and I learned a lot from him. This is his last transfer.

Enough Said...

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