Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 5- A Week of Service

Dear Family,
This last week went by pretty fast. We did alot of service this week which was good since it mixed the schedule up a little bit. We mowed some ones lawn,  pulled some weeds from another and then pulled some more weeds at another house and then put down some mulch, we also helped cut down some dead limbs from some trees. This last week, we had dinner every day except for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we got to help out in a primary activity called "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" so that was pretty exciting, after that we attended a memorial serivce for some ward members son who died the day that we got there. Friday till Sunday we had a traveling assistent with us so that was fun having a 3rd member to our group. The guy that we help out every week feels that it is his duty to take us out to dinner or luch every week. So on friday night he took us out to a fancy restaurent that had delecious seafood. I had the shrimp pasta. Don't worry I said thank you when ever I got the chance. On Saturday we did a lot of walking around in the town of damascus and we talked to quite a few of people. We have plans to go back and visit those we contacted this week.  Out here they were inviting everyone to watch the world wide broadcast either by going to the stakecenter like we did or by watching the live stream on It was on missionary work and how the members really need to start getting involved in the conversion process. They also went over how they are going to start having the churches be open on weekdays to have church tours for anyone who wants to know what a lds chapel building looks like on the inside, they also said that they are going to start introducing the use of social media in missionary work. It is pretty exciting and it is going to be cool to see where they take this and what its effects will be on the effort. Any ways have a great week!
Elder Spencer Datwyler

A Maryland Sunset

Real life fireflies :) 

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