Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 4- Happy Father's Day!

Dear Family,
I hope you are having fun in montana, the weather here is gradually getting warmer and more humid which is annoying. I just have to step outside and I start to die of heat. There have been several tornado warnings and also Derico storm threatened to hit us but missed.  We have been really trying to conserve miles lately so we have done a bit of walking here and there just to keep life interesting. So that is what we were doing in the two pictures. We also tried the bike trail that cuts through Damascus this week, we had no idea where we were going so we just rode for a few miles and decided to turn around and come back another day with plan that we could follow. There are so many hills here it is riduculous so that is why we have taken to walking, plus my bike seat is not the softest thing on this side of the mississipi so the less time I spend off the better off my bottom is. We we went on this walk to the members house we parked our car at the nearby elementury school and when we came back there was a some one playing basketball so we went over and started talking to him. He name is Shad and he is fron Bangladish and we was actually interested in talking to us so we finally have an investigator so that is good. We also got to participate in some service this week we helped a member cut some dead limbs out of his tree and pull some vines out of his others and afterword he took us to Smokin Hot Restauent and fed us some dinner which was super nice of him. We also went to visit anther less active member and ended up helping set up for a baby shower, that was interesting. We also got to help carry in and organize a ton of books for the book fair that the ward hosted, it made me so sad seeing all these books and not being able to pick one up and read it.  I have caught quite a few fireflies this week they are pretty cool, they look like sparks rising out of the grass, I will have to get a picture one of these days.
Keep catching fish,
Love Ya!
Elder Datwyler

This is me, risking it for the biscuit. It is so green...

Here is the poison ivy we were walking through along the high way while on the way to visit a less active member.
(Remember do not attempt any of the stunts you have seen in the picture!)

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