Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 3- The Mysterious Noise in the Electrical Box.

Hello family,
This week has been pretty crazy, one minute I was in the mtc and the next I was in baltimore. I started the week off by waking up at 4:45 tuesday morning to go get our luggage out in the truck and for us to get on the bus. We got to the airport by 8 and then went in had some breakfest and then got in the plane. I ended up sitting in the middle seat between two big guys so it was a pretty misarable 3 1/2 hours. Once we got there we got shuttled on the rental bus to the Mission home where they feed ups frito salad which is basically taco salad except with fritos instead of doritos. We played games and then they took us to the hampton hotel to stay the night.

This was my District.
Inline image 1

his was half of the group that was headed to baltimore and the group we hung together with.

Then on wednesday we got shuttled to the stake center where we met our new companions. My new companion is elder Steed. He is from Farr West Utah and is a farmer. He also is a gymnest and is pretty cool guy. He has been out in the field for about 3 months. We spent the rest of wednesday trying to meet the members which didn't work out to well, because alot of people were not home, we probly saw 2 or 3  total. We are shotgunnning the area, that means that the last two missionaries both were assigned elseware and they threw 2 missionaries unfamiler with the area in. The stake we are in has decided for the year 2013 they did not want the missionaries to do any knocking on any doors proselyting. So it is against the rules for us to knock so we have to rely on the members to find any investigators, which is not working out to well so far. We have no investigators so that is pretty sad but we are trying hard and so is the ward. We spent the past week driving around to members and less active houses just trying to get the know the people and to find out if they need any service done which everyone we have talked has no need of our assistence so far.
Our apartment is located in the basement of a members home. It is pretty nice except it gets cold since the vents are always kicking out cold air. Also their eletrical breaker box is located in our room. Last night I woke up at 3 and heard what sounded like a peeing noise in our bed room. I tried to dismiss it and go back to sleep but it was too late I was awake. There was a huge thunder storm going on out side and the noise would not go away so I woke up my companion and we turned on the light. When we did so we could see a stream 3 streams of water coming out of the electrical box and there was a nice sized puddle making its way accross the room. We quickly got up, and my companion went over to check the front door and found that were was a lot of water making its way underneath the door into the apartment. We called the house owners and told them and brother Michaelson quickly made his way down stairs with a wet/dry vacuum and we started to vacuum out the stairwell and dumped the water out in the back yard. Once that was finished we unplugged the drain and got that taken care of. The electrical box had stopped leaking by then and we vacuumed up the majority of the water. We then set up a dehumidifer to take care of rest which it did quite well. Then we went to bed.  The end.
Elder Datwyler

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