Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 2- "I have decided that the MTC is trying to fatten us missionaries up."

Hi Family,
This week has been pretty crazy busy, they have been teaching us a ton and have had us teach a ton also. I started the week off pretty hard because I was getting no sleep at all, and that was making me super grumpy and mad. I would start off fine and then in the middle of the night I would wake up to what sounded like a dinosaur trying to sleep during a earthquake while a volcano was blowing up. It would keep me up for like an hour and then eventually I would fall back asleep. My companion who sleeps on the bottom bunk snores up a storm every night and it wakes everyone in the room up. Luckily he agreed to sleep on his side so I have recovered some of my sanity back. We started TRC's this week and when we went to our first appointment. His name was Daniel Limon, he is from mexico he came the US and then his mom and brother died and he is not satisfied with his job and his baby keeps him up all night. My companion and I went in thinking that the plan of salvation was just the thing we needed to get his interests but boy were we wrong. We were supposed to start off by knocking on his door but he was out in the hall when we went down to find his room. So we pretended to look at books until we could confirm his identity and then we started talking to him. He was not very interested and let us into his room just so none of his neighbors would see him talking to us. When we got in the room he sat down and started eating Cheetos and leaned back in his chair and started to fall asleep. It was so frustrating trying to talk to him and he was not interested in what he had to say. We tried to force our message on him and that did not work at all. He reluctently agreed to have us back the next day. We went back to the class room and that night we talked about how you need to "teach people not investigators" for the lesson. We really thought about that and then I got the idea to bring him Cheeto's and as well this time we would listen to him and form our lesson around that. The next day we went in gave him Cheetos, that made him laugh and then we sat down and asked him questions about his life. He really opened up and told us about a non profit company idea he was trying to start up for hispanic youth to help them learn English and business. He was struggling to find the means to launch it so we told him to pray about it and he said that he would. So lesson learned. During the gym time over the past couple of days I have been playing foursquare and doing quite well actually thanks to all of my training with Kaitlyn and Tyson and Jace. We spend like 80 percent of our time in the class room listening and roleplaying with the teachers. I have decided that the MTC is trying to fatten us missionaries up, we start with breakfeast at 7 and then have lunch at 11:40 and then dinner at 4:40 it just never stops and it gets to the point where you not hungary anymore. I saw justin at dinner so that was pretty cool, thanks for all of the goodies. We have one guy in our room that has been getting food every day.  Over the past week he has received: cookies, brownies, cinamin rolls, and cupcakes, he is so sick of it, it has become funny.
Happy Birthday Kaitlyn on monday and how's Cherry Hell?
Elder Datwyler

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