Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 5- A Week of Service

Dear Family,
This last week went by pretty fast. We did alot of service this week which was good since it mixed the schedule up a little bit. We mowed some ones lawn,  pulled some weeds from another and then pulled some more weeds at another house and then put down some mulch, we also helped cut down some dead limbs from some trees. This last week, we had dinner every day except for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we got to help out in a primary activity called "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" so that was pretty exciting, after that we attended a memorial serivce for some ward members son who died the day that we got there. Friday till Sunday we had a traveling assistent with us so that was fun having a 3rd member to our group. The guy that we help out every week feels that it is his duty to take us out to dinner or luch every week. So on friday night he took us out to a fancy restaurent that had delecious seafood. I had the shrimp pasta. Don't worry I said thank you when ever I got the chance. On Saturday we did a lot of walking around in the town of damascus and we talked to quite a few of people. We have plans to go back and visit those we contacted this week.  Out here they were inviting everyone to watch the world wide broadcast either by going to the stakecenter like we did or by watching the live stream on It was on missionary work and how the members really need to start getting involved in the conversion process. They also went over how they are going to start having the churches be open on weekdays to have church tours for anyone who wants to know what a lds chapel building looks like on the inside, they also said that they are going to start introducing the use of social media in missionary work. It is pretty exciting and it is going to be cool to see where they take this and what its effects will be on the effort. Any ways have a great week!
Elder Spencer Datwyler

A Maryland Sunset

Real life fireflies :) 

Week 4- Happy Father's Day!

Dear Family,
I hope you are having fun in montana, the weather here is gradually getting warmer and more humid which is annoying. I just have to step outside and I start to die of heat. There have been several tornado warnings and also Derico storm threatened to hit us but missed.  We have been really trying to conserve miles lately so we have done a bit of walking here and there just to keep life interesting. So that is what we were doing in the two pictures. We also tried the bike trail that cuts through Damascus this week, we had no idea where we were going so we just rode for a few miles and decided to turn around and come back another day with plan that we could follow. There are so many hills here it is riduculous so that is why we have taken to walking, plus my bike seat is not the softest thing on this side of the mississipi so the less time I spend off the better off my bottom is. We we went on this walk to the members house we parked our car at the nearby elementury school and when we came back there was a some one playing basketball so we went over and started talking to him. He name is Shad and he is fron Bangladish and we was actually interested in talking to us so we finally have an investigator so that is good. We also got to participate in some service this week we helped a member cut some dead limbs out of his tree and pull some vines out of his others and afterword he took us to Smokin Hot Restauent and fed us some dinner which was super nice of him. We also went to visit anther less active member and ended up helping set up for a baby shower, that was interesting. We also got to help carry in and organize a ton of books for the book fair that the ward hosted, it made me so sad seeing all these books and not being able to pick one up and read it.  I have caught quite a few fireflies this week they are pretty cool, they look like sparks rising out of the grass, I will have to get a picture one of these days.
Keep catching fish,
Love Ya!
Elder Datwyler

This is me, risking it for the biscuit. It is so green...

Here is the poison ivy we were walking through along the high way while on the way to visit a less active member.
(Remember do not attempt any of the stunts you have seen in the picture!)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 3- The Mysterious Noise in the Electrical Box.

Hello family,
This week has been pretty crazy, one minute I was in the mtc and the next I was in baltimore. I started the week off by waking up at 4:45 tuesday morning to go get our luggage out in the truck and for us to get on the bus. We got to the airport by 8 and then went in had some breakfest and then got in the plane. I ended up sitting in the middle seat between two big guys so it was a pretty misarable 3 1/2 hours. Once we got there we got shuttled on the rental bus to the Mission home where they feed ups frito salad which is basically taco salad except with fritos instead of doritos. We played games and then they took us to the hampton hotel to stay the night.

This was my District.
Inline image 1

his was half of the group that was headed to baltimore and the group we hung together with.

Then on wednesday we got shuttled to the stake center where we met our new companions. My new companion is elder Steed. He is from Farr West Utah and is a farmer. He also is a gymnest and is pretty cool guy. He has been out in the field for about 3 months. We spent the rest of wednesday trying to meet the members which didn't work out to well, because alot of people were not home, we probly saw 2 or 3  total. We are shotgunnning the area, that means that the last two missionaries both were assigned elseware and they threw 2 missionaries unfamiler with the area in. The stake we are in has decided for the year 2013 they did not want the missionaries to do any knocking on any doors proselyting. So it is against the rules for us to knock so we have to rely on the members to find any investigators, which is not working out to well so far. We have no investigators so that is pretty sad but we are trying hard and so is the ward. We spent the past week driving around to members and less active houses just trying to get the know the people and to find out if they need any service done which everyone we have talked has no need of our assistence so far.
Our apartment is located in the basement of a members home. It is pretty nice except it gets cold since the vents are always kicking out cold air. Also their eletrical breaker box is located in our room. Last night I woke up at 3 and heard what sounded like a peeing noise in our bed room. I tried to dismiss it and go back to sleep but it was too late I was awake. There was a huge thunder storm going on out side and the noise would not go away so I woke up my companion and we turned on the light. When we did so we could see a stream 3 streams of water coming out of the electrical box and there was a nice sized puddle making its way accross the room. We quickly got up, and my companion went over to check the front door and found that were was a lot of water making its way underneath the door into the apartment. We called the house owners and told them and brother Michaelson quickly made his way down stairs with a wet/dry vacuum and we started to vacuum out the stairwell and dumped the water out in the back yard. Once that was finished we unplugged the drain and got that taken care of. The electrical box had stopped leaking by then and we vacuumed up the majority of the water. We then set up a dehumidifer to take care of rest which it did quite well. Then we went to bed.  The end.
Elder Datwyler