Friday, May 24, 2013

First Letter Home! He's alive and well.

Hello Mother and Father and family,

Just needed to drop you a note and let you know that I am Majestically Fantastic. My P Day is on fridays. My cell mate is Elder Farr from Oregon, he is 26 and is basically a blonde straight haired version of Carol from Jimmy Neutron. They are treating me just dandy. I just noticed that I forgot or need you to send me my playstation, computer, ipod, and phone, plus my cat while you are at it. I am alive. They have served pretty good food so far, the weirdest thing they have tried to feed me is a blueberry muffin on a stick, when I bit into it, I was surprised to find that they had stuck a sausage in the middle, YUCK!. We went to the temple this morning and did a session, we had the 6:30 appoinment so we had to get up at 5:45, we ate breakest after word at the temple and that was reall tasty. I am the senior companion due to the fact my last name being closer to the letter A so thats pretty sweet. Although my companion was made district president. They have stuck 6 of us missionaries in a four man room, there are enough beds but you have to share closet space. It was pretty crowded with all of the suit cases until we all got sqared away. I sleep on the top bunk so I could keep all of my stuff next to me on top of the closet. P days are not as exciting as I thought they would be because they gave me the false hope before hand that I would be able to relax but I have found today that our days are still all scheduld out in detail and free time doesn't really exist. We are supposed to be teaching a pretend investigator today and  still know nothing about him so that is pretty exciting . If you see any mistakes in this letter it is due to the fact that the keyboard I am using is a piece of crap that does not register all the time. I depart for Baltimore on June 4th but that is all of the details I know. Time is going by so slowly compared to how fast it was going before so hopefully once I get into the swing of things time will speed up a little.

Elder Datwyler

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